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Following a routine stretching regimen enhances muscle strength and movement, promotes your overall well-being, and contributes to your longevity. Veronica E. Trollerud, AP, DOM, and the exceptional team at Acupuncture Centers of South Florida offer professional stretching to patients of all ages, carefully evaluating your flexibility and developing a program that targets your needs. To schedule a stretching session, call the office in Coral Gables, Florida, or use the online booking system.

Professional Stretching Q & A

How do I benefit from professional stretching?

If you only stretch for a few minutes before starting your favorite activity, or you skip stretching altogether, you’re missing out on an important component of a complete fitness regimen. Stretching on a regular basis improves muscle quality and promotes your health by:

Eliminating stress

Stretching reduces muscle tension and also diminishes anxiety and stress when you combine stretching with relaxation and mindful breathing. 

Reducing pain and stiffness

Following a regular stretching routine reduces muscle stiffness, increases flexibility, and alleviates pain. It may also lower your risk of muscle cramps.

Enhancing range of motion

Stretching improves mobility in your joints and minimizes wear-and-tear by promoting optimal movement in the muscles and soft tissues supporting the joint.

Improving overall function

Your muscles become tense and chronically contracted due to repetitive movements, sitting for a long time, and improper body mechanics. Professional stretching helps your body overcome those limitations.

Boosting circulation

Professional stretching improves blood flow and lymph circulation, and this in turn improves your health by increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, while eliminating more toxins.

What type of stretching does a professional use?

The two primary types of stretching are active and passive. Active stretching is the type you do on your own, contracting one muscle to stretch another muscle. 

This is also the type of stretching most patients are taught to use right before starting an activity. However, suddenly stretching without gradually warming up can do more harm than good.

The experts at Acupuncture Centers of South Florida perform passive stretching, supplying the energy and force needed to stretch your muscles. They use passive stretching because you can stay loose and relaxed, which enhances the impact of stretching.

What should I expect during professional stretching?

Before starting your stretching program, your therapist at Acupuncture Centers of South Florida evaluates your needs and customizes your therapy to meet them. 

Once they determine your routine, you lay down and relax while they slowly and precisely move the targeted parts of your body.

They gently maneuver your muscles, supporting soft tissues, and joints, without causing stress or suddenly pushing beyond the limits of your range of motion. 

You’ll have time to talk with your therapist, ask for recommendations, and learn stretches you can do at home that help meet your goals. 

If you’re ready to use professional stretching to improve your health and well-being, schedule an appointment online or call Acupuncture Centers of South Florida.